Skin Manifestations of Coronavirus

A collection of resources from the Centre of Evidence Based Dermatology, University of Nottingham on the skin manifestations of COVID-19 including COVID toes. Read more....

Doctors write to PM

17 June 20

1500 paediatricians have signed an open letter to Boris Johnson urging the Government to make reopening schools a priority.

You can read the letter and download a copy from the RCPCH website

Early findings on the impact of Covid-19 on girls and young women

Girl guiding research briefing - May 2020

These early findings offer an insight into girls’ and young women’s lives under lockdown and their concerns for the future. The findings are mixed. Many girls, especially younger girls, report feeling happy at home and enjoying at least some of their time in lockdown doing fun activities and continuing to learn in new ways. This is despite boredom being the most prevalent feeling expressed across all ages. But there is cause for concern as a picture of distress also emerges, particularly for those aged 15 to 18.

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Impact on mental health of young people

Results of a survey of parents/carers by Young Minds

This report follows a survey of 1,854 parents and carers in the UK looking at the impact of the coronavirus crisis on their children's mental health. Findings show that 67% of parents and carers agreed that they were concerned about the long-term impact of the coronavirus on their child’s mental health. Respondents reported a range of ways in which the crisis had impacted children and young people including: increased anxiety and depression; increased sense of loss and fear; increased mood swings or children becoming more emotional; and lack of structure and routine having a negative impact.

You can access the report here...

Impact on vocational outcomes for young people

Resolution Foundation Survey of the Class of 2020

The economic fallout from the coronavirus has taken the UK into uncharted territory, with fears that an additional 640,000 18-24-year-olds could find themselves unemployed this year alone. This briefing note focuses specifically on the prospects facing young people leaving full-time education today, highlighting the size and length of employment and pay scarring that they could experience.

Young workers in the coronavirus crisis - Findings from the Resolution Foundation’s coronavirus survey

Class of 2020: Education leavers in the current crisis (report)