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Society of Adolescent Health and Medicine Annual Meeting 2021

Mapping an Agenda to Transform the Future of Adolescent Health

10-12 March 2021

In the next decade, important forces will affect adolescent health and wellbeing globally. Some of the questions we need to consider as adolescent health professionals are: What strategies should we develop and scale that will transform health outcomes and promote equity? How will we address the adverse effects of COVID-19 and future pandemics on adolescent health? How can we harness advances in science and technology - including artificial intelligence and genomics - to improve adolescent health? How can we advocate most effectively for issues such as climate change that will impact adolescent health in the future? How can we maximize our understanding of adolescents across different cultures and their unique strengths and needs? Finally, how can SAHM create the workforce of the future by considering demand for adolescent health services and innovations in education and professional development?

During this meeting we invite multidisciplinary professionals to connect, engage, and generate strategies that ensure all young people achieve healthy and meaningful lives in the next decade and beyond.

RCEM: Forgotten Tribe Study Day 2021

8 June 2021

This study day will define the key themes in acute adolescent medicine and describe treatment options for acute mental and sexual health conditions. It will review current approaches to address the safeguarding needs of Young People and the important components of consent and capacity as relating to young people. It will also explore different communication approaches to use with young people.

7th Annual Adolescent Health Conference

13-14 May 2021, Translating Research into Practice

This year the Michigan Medicine Adolescent Health Initiative are hosting the 7th conference on-line. Each year, the event hosts over 450 attendees from nearly all 50 states, and a growing international community. More than half of the sessions at the event are co-facilitated by youth, and the planning of the conference is guided by the Adolescent Health Initiative’s (AHI) Teen Advisory Council

RCPCH conference online 2021 - YPHSIG Joint session

15-17 June 2021, virtual

The RCPCH conference 2021 has moved online. The YPHSIG session will be held on the 16th June (timings TBC). Abstract submission is now open and closes on the 10th March 2021

IAAH: 12th World Congress of Adolescent Health

19-21 November Lima, Peru

The International Association of Adolescent Health is hosting the 12th World Congress Adolescent Health: Meeting the challenge of global change

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