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You're Welcome Quality Assessments
The You're Welcome Quality Criteria developed by the Department of Health are designed to ensure all health services in England that see young people are providing age appropriate and welcoming services.
The You're Welcome Quality Criteria were developed in 2006 and then piloted in a number of regions in 2007-2008.You're Welcome were part of the NHS Operating Framework for 2009/2010. The new coalition government has confirmed that the ‘You’re Welcome’ quality criteria for young people friendly health services will continue as Department of Health sponsored guidance for helping local health services put young people’s needs the centre of what they do.
You can read more about the coalition government's policy on You're Welcome by downloading the Q&A recently published by the Department of Health team.
A YW Toolkit has been developed to allow services to undertake a self assessment against the YW criteria. YPHSIG members have contributed to the development and piloting of the YW Quality Criteria and currently a number of members are taking part in a pilot of the YW Assessment in acute hospital settings. 
The criteria are currently being updated and we will keep you updated with information on the revised You're Welcome Quality Criteria as it becomes available. 


Teenage Health Demonstration Sites
The Department of Health funded a two year programme of Teenage Health Demonstration Sites from November 2006. The programme aimed to demonstrate how to enhance services in order to improve the emotional and physical outcomes for young people. The intention was to gain information to advise national policy and support local service planning.

The demonstration sites were in Bolton, Hackney, Portsmouth and Northumberland and the evaluation of the programme was published in June 2009. More info . . .

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