Pre-procedure pregnancy testing: blanket testing or blanket enquiring?

posted 13 Oct 2012, 13:16 by Damian Wood   [ updated 13 Oct 2012, 13:16 ]
An audit of practice and a survey of professionals by Donaldson published in the Arch Dis Child reveals that pre-procedure testing for pregnancy in UK adolescents is inconsistent and that despite the presence of NICE guidance there is little clarity on what patients, parents and professionals should expect when it comes to ensuring the risk of pregnancy is considered prior to a procedure requiring anaesthesia or sedation. The related editorial by Vic Larcher examines the ethics of pre-procedure pregnancy testing. We eagerly await the final version of the joint Royal Colleges guideline on this matter although a draft version suggested that ultimately the decision as to whether to adopt a policy of blanket testing will be left up to individual healthcare provider organisations.