Excess of Sedentary Time Associated with Low Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Girls

posted 7 Apr 2011, 15:44 by Damian Wood   [ updated 13 Oct 2012, 11:07 ]
In the March 2011 edition of Archives of Disease in Childhood David Martinez-Gomez and colleagues report the findings of the HELENA study group which examined the sedentary time and cardiorespiratory fitness of 1808 adolescents from ten European countries. Excessive sedentary time is associated with an increased all-cause and cardiovascular mortality rate  is a known risk factor whilst cardiorespiratory fitness is a known health factor which declines in adolescence (especially in girls). They found that excessive sedentary time (> 2/3rds of awake time) is associated with low cardiorespiratory fitness in girls (but not boys). They suggest that if adolescent girls follow current guidance of 60 mins of exercise per day this could attenuate the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.