Adolescent booster Meningococcal C vaccine to be added to UK immunisation schedule

posted 20 Jul 2013, 06:35 by Damian Wood   [ updated 20 Jul 2013, 06:35 ]
Andrew Pollard and colleagues explain the reasoning behind the proposed change to the UK immunisation schedule in a leading article from the April edition of Arch Dis Child. They cite the waning protective antibody levels in older children and adolescents, the importance of protective circulating antibody levels, the role of nasopharyngeal carriage in young people and adults in spread of the infection and the protective effect of herd immunity as all supporting the case of meningococcal c booster vaccine in the second decade of life.

Arch Dis Child 2013;98:248-251 doi:10.1136/archdischild-2012-303103