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Young people can be involved in health research both as subjects and as participants. This may include youth-led research or involve young people setting the health research agenda.
Research and Young People
Young Researchers

The National Youth Agency’s Young Researcher Network (YRN) has launched two toolkits to help young people undertake youth-led research and promote their findings.

Available free from the National Youth Agency’s (NYA) website the toolkits were initially developed in 2008 by the YRN to support young people involved in youth-led research projects. They have now been reviewed and updated with exciting content and complement face-to-face training provided by the YRN, or can also be used in isolation.

The research kit covers all the major stages of developing and carrying out a research project. It is designed to be used stage by stage, by individuals of groups. Each section focuses on a single research stage, and includes key terms, top tips, and step by step guidance. At the end of the handbook is a key information section with suggestions of further sources of information.


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