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Mental Health and Emotional Well Being

A selection of resources on mental health and emotional well being of young people

Stress are we coping? Report from the Mental Health Foundation (2018)
An online UK stress survey has found that six out of ten young people aged 18–24 have felt so stressed by pressure to succeed they have felt unable to cope. The survey – commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation – also found that almost half of young people (47%) had experienced significant stress in relation to body image and worries about their appearance. The study is included in a report by the Mental Health Foundation

Minding our Future (2018)
As students become adults, they also take on the challenges of higher education, independent living and making new friends. At the same time, they move between their homes and university, meaning they may slip through the gaps in the health system when they are most vulnerable. Mental health support for students needs to understand these transitions and join up care around their needs. This report – Minding our future - contains new guidance to improve the coordination of care between the NHS and universities, so that all students can access the care they need.