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YPHSIG Members light up the 16th IAAH Europe Meeting in Copenhagen

posted 22 Jun 2011, 00:06 by Damian Wood
Copenhagen - 22nd June 2011
The 16th meeting of the European chapter of the International Association of Adolescent Health was held in Copenhagen this week and the YPHSIG was well represented. There were 170 delegates from 19 countries with both EU and non-EU nations involved. Damian Wood opened the conference with an overview of young people's participation based on Not Just a Phase. Becky Sands and Fiona Straw faciliatetd a workshop for over fifty delegates on the participation of young people in health services whilst Janet McDonagh ran workshops on Involving Young People with Chronic Conditions in their own Healthcare and on the Evaluation of Transition programmes. Russell Viner and Janet chaired a number of sessions with Andrea Goddard, Sophie Kadhr, Donna Hilton, Hilary Wyatt and Deborah Christie all contributing to the programme and ensuring the UK presence was second only to the Danes (how were playing at home for this one).
The conference was well organised and there were great speakers on physiological stress responses in adolescence and young people's health as a whole society response. The workshops were varied and there were many opportunities to learn and discuss our approach to young people's health problems with colleagues from centres across europe. The highlight of the conference was the participation of young people as both conference organisers and experts on young people's health and the videos shot by Jakob Hojer Larsen left all those who attend both moved and inspired. The dinner in Tivoli gardens was accompanied by a beautiful choral recital and it was a delight to spend time with new friends learning more about the work being done across the channel and beyond to further adolescent health. 
The next IAAH Europe meeting is planned for the 16th-18th May 2012 and will be held in Anatalya, Turkey. Keep an eye on our site for more information and we hope that YPHSIG members will be lighting up the 2012 conference.