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The Talk Lab: an exciting project involving young people and paediatricians

posted 28 Mar 2013, 07:30 by Damian Wood

The Talk Lab is a highly collaborative project aimed at improving the sometimes complex, three-way consultations doctors have with young people and their parents. A series of workshops were held to explore what's working, what isn't and why – as well as all of those things that go unsaid. We brought together young people, their parents, paediatricians and specialist nurses, so that all sides of the story could be voiced and heard equally.

These voices were condensed into three brief films and one concise written list of tips and recommendations, also known as “The Take Away”. This section summarises the key points to include in your next consultation, as well as some simple experiments everyone can try based on what paediatricians have since found to be transformative in their practice.

Visit to view the films and learn more about the project and how you might change your practice.