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RCPCH Members CEA Awards 2017

posted 26 Jan 2017, 23:25 by Damian Wood

2017 ACCEA Round

The College has established that the Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA) is now preparing the 2017 ACCEA Round for National Level Awards. The ACCEA will open the window of opportunity to submit applications from 28 February to 25 April 2017.     


We are therefore writing to advise members to consider now if they wish to undertake an application for a new or renewal ACCEA Award this year (awards are for a fixed period – usually of 5 years – and renewal applications need to be made if a recipient wishes the award to be continued).


Members intending to undertake an application to ACCEA in 2017 are strongly recommended to begin planning for this now.



The College has now begun planning its own process to give prospective applicants the opportunity to seek a College citation in support of their application. The College process will begin very soon.


The entire College process for receiving draft applications, assessing them and submitting citations to ACCEA will need to be complete before the deadline for ACCEA applications. As a consequence, the College is likely to be forced to make its own window of opportunity extremely short.

College Processes

The College process for Bronze, Silver and Gold level Award citations will take the same form as in previous years. Applications will need to be made to your local Area Ranking Committee (ARC). Applications put forward by ARCs will then be considered in National competition by the College National Ranking Committee for each of the three Award Levels.


The process for Gold Award holders seeking support from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) for Platinum Level Award applications is also to remain the same as last year. Each Medical Royal College will make a ‘first sift’ of applications on a specialty basis. Applications seeking a recommendation from the RCPCH to the AoMRC for a supporting citation from the AoMRC for a Platinum Level Award application will need to be submitted to the RCPCH centrally.


The RCPCH again plans to provide a supporting citation to all those undertaking a Renewal application to the ACCEA for an existing Award. Citations for Renewal applicants to the ACCEA will be provided without competition and those seeking a supporting citation from the RCPCH for their ACCEA Renewal application should submit their application to the RCPCH centrally.


More Information

Further information for these three College processes – for citations supporting Bronze, Silver and Gold New Award applicants, for a recommendation to the AoMRC for a citation for a Platinum New Award application and for citations supporting Renewal Award applicants – will be communicated by email and the College Clinical Excellence Award web pages once these are confirmed.


For background, details of the 2016 College process are still available on the College website together with a link to the ACCEA’s own web site which includes the 2016 application drafting forms as well as the 2016 Guidance documents you may use to begin preparing your application. The College’s web pages will be updated as more information emerges. Those planning an application should refer back to them on a regular basis.   


Members who have received this email are asked to share it with colleagues who may wish to make an application to ACCEA and could have opted out of College email communications. Those who have opted out of email contact from the College can opt back in to College communications at any time by amending their on-line account on the College website.


With best wishes,

John Pettitt  

RCPCH National ACCEA Lead  

Governance and AAC Team