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New Steering Group & Executive Teams for 2012

posted 2 Dec 2012, 10:11 by Damian Wood
The AGM saw the election of a new steering group and executive with many new faces (and some old hands) to lead the YPHSIG over the next 2-3 years. Janet McDonagh is Convenor elect and will take over the role at next year's AGM. She will be joined on the executive by Fiona Straw (Treasurer) and Lee Hudson (Secretary) both of whom are already up and running. At this point I must say a very personal and heartfelt thank you to Ginny Birrell and Becky Sands. Ginny has been the YPHSIG treasurer since the formation of the group and has done a fantastic job of keeping a tight rein on the spending and ensuring the viability of the SIG. Becky moves to be Training Lead; a post she will share with Helena Gleeson. After three years as secretary Becky can look back on a very productive tenure during which time she led the development of the special study module in Adolescent Medicine, reorganised the structure of the steering committee and developed a fantastic confidentiality poster. To list all that Becky and Ginny have contributed to the work of the group would take many pages  - suffice to say they are both inspirational colleagues who have given a huge amount of time, energy and talent to the development of Young People's health in the UK and I hope you will join me in thanking them for their hard work on behalf of the SIG. The Steering Group welcomes Dougal Hargreaves (Policy Lead), Vanessa Rippon and Necky Sargant (Trainee Reps) and we say thank you to those leaving the steering group and once again heartflet thanks to Jerry Wales, Belinda Bateman, Mark O'Leary and Jennie Chapman for all their work on behalf of the SIG. We hope that all those stepping down from executive posts will continue to share their knowledge, experience and expertise with the SIG and support the new steering group as they steer us into the uncertain waters of the new look NHS.