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Make your voice heard! #RCPCHfuture

posted 28 Sep 2014, 16:53 by Damian Wood
If you are an RCPCH member be sure to register for the important Extraordinary General Meeting on 30 September 2014, where you will be able to cast your vote on proposals for a Foundation of Child Health, as well changes to the RCPCH governance and trustee structure. Alongside the EGM, there will also be a valuable day-long CPD programme on what the future looks like for child health. Details on the EGM can be found here and details on the CPD programme can be found here. 

Swot up on the proposals #RCPCHfuture
Haven’t yet read up on the proposals? Now’s your chance! Prefer something visual? Watch Hilary Cass’ latest webinar. Visit the RCPCH website or

A Message from Hilary Cass, RCPCH President to the RCPCH Members

Dear Colleague,

As you will know the RCPCH’s EGM on 30 September is approaching rapidly. The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss a set of proposed changes to the governance of the organisation. These changes would create a smaller Board of Trustees than we have in the current Council, and will pave the way for establishing a multi-professional Foundation of Child Health within the RCPCH. The proposals would also safeguard our roles in paediatric training, exams, and CPD through a College Council chaired by the President. The new Board of Trustees would retain a paediatric majority. The changes have been subject to an extensive consultation process (see here) and have received approval both from our existing Council and from our regulator the Privy Council. 

If you have not registered to attend the EGM, you can do so here. Attendance at the EGM is free, but we ask that you RSVP in order that we can make appropriate provision in terms of space, printing of agendas and so on. There is also a full-day conference taking place that day around the EGM: the programme (including an address from the CMO) and registration details can be found here.

I am writing today to answer two specific questions about the process of the EGM that I have been asked by some members.

The first question is whether we can allow voting at the EGM by means other than attendance in person – for instance by proxy, postal or electronic voting or via video-linked external meetings. The answer is that we can’t, both because of our governing documents and because of the overall charity legal framework (see the clear rationale as set out in point 8 here).

The second question is how, in practical terms, voting at the EGM will work. Voting will be by paper ballot, with the count being conducted in the presence of an independent non-RCPCH scrutineer. Each motion for governance changes will need to pass by a two-thirds majority. Any eligible member arriving at the EGM venue between 12.30pm and 2pm on 30 September will be issued with a printed agenda and ballot papers. Votes can be cast at any point between 12.30pm and 2pm, though obviously we hope that attendees will stay for the whole of the debate. Once a member has left the meeting, it will not be possible to readmit them. The announcement of the results will take place later that afternoon. 

Finally, it should be noted that the College received no other motions for the EGM before the 10-week deadline stipulated in Bye-Law 6 viii e), and so the governance changes will be the sole substantive item on the agenda.

In short we very much hope that you will be able to attend and support your Council’s decisions.

Yours sincerely,

Hilary Cass
RCPCH President