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Kennedy Report Emphasises Need to Develop Services for Young People

posted 27 Sep 2010, 08:08 by Damian Wood   [ updated 27 Sep 2010, 08:32 ]
The recently published report by Professor Sir Ian Kennedy highlights the need for NHS services which are designed for and with young people. He also highlights the importance of transition to adult care and makes specific recommendations about designing services which serve the needs of young people as they become young adults.
" I began this review of children’s services in the NHS in the autumn of 2009. The sense was that the NHS was not performing as well as it could: that children and young people (and the reference to young people is very important) were not getting the best deal." Professor Sir Ian Kennedy, September 2010
Sir Ian's recommendations include:
"Recommendation 9: The Local Partnership must create structures whereby the views of children and young people can be sought and taken account of in the planning and delivery of health and healthcare services."
"Recommendation 29:There should be a single criterion for measuring the quality of the NHS’s services for children and young people – satisfaction. There should be two elements to satisfaction: whether children and young people are satisfied with the outcome achieved, by reference to what they are able to judge; and whether the professional should be satisfied, by reference to the current appropriate benchmarks of performance. The internal performance management and external regulation of the NHS must reflect this approach."

"Recommendation 32: Arrangements must be agreed, regarding funding and other matters, to address the changing needs of children and young people as they mature, including greater continuity of care into adulthood. Ensuring a smooth transition between children’s and adults’ services should be a priority for local commissioners."

"Recommendation 35: There should be local networks through which services can share information electronically and protocols should be agreed by the networks to provide for this."
"Recommendation 39: There should be a cadre of professionals who are trained in both paediatrics and the care of young adults. Government, employers and professional groups should work together in order to ensure that such a cadre is established and receives appropriate training."
In order these recommendations outline a need for:
  • participation of young people
  • appropriate measures of quality services for young people
  • development of services to ensure smooth transition to adult care
  • local networks of professionals skilled in caring for young people
  • training in young people's health
These are all areas where the YPHSIG and it's members are emerging as leaders at both a national and local level and we hope that more of you will join us so that we can make the improvements in NHS services for young people that are so desperately needed.
Thanks to Gill Turner and Janet McDonagh for their hard work in ensuring that the voice of young people and the YPHSIG were integrated into Sir Ian's recommendations.
To view a copy of Professor Sir Ian Kennedy's report Getting it Right for Children and Young People follow the following link:
Damian Wood
Convenor of the YPHSIG