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Are you having problems with the Adolescent Health Project tracking your completed sessions?

posted 5 Mar 2010, 02:18 by Damian Wood   [ updated 5 Mar 2010, 02:35 ]
A number of people have complained that they have difficulty in demonstrating that they have actually completed AHP sessions. If you are experiencing this problem then first check the following
1. You have done the technical checks which are offered when you sign into e-learning for health module. There is a link to the technical checks at the bottom of the welcome page. Follow this link and the technical checks and any necessary solutions should follow automatically.
2. You have checked the include completed offerings on the My Learning section of your home page. If this is unchecked all you will see are your incomplete modules. Note that this list only shows five sessions at a time so you will need to use the navigation to the top left of the table to see all the rest of the sessions you have enrolled in. 


I hope this information has been helpful and you can now find your completed AHP sessions. If not then do email e-Learning for Health and let them know the problems you are experiencing. You might want to let other YPHSIG members know how you get on via our discussion forum.
Good luck
Damian Wood