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Restructuring Consultation 2012

At the 2011 YPHSIG conference steering group meeting we proposed a re-structuring of the group with the aim of streamlining the steering group and developing closer training links between members and their local training deanery. We undertook a consultation of members on the proposed re-structuring and the results of the survey are posted here. As a result of the comments provided by members we are re-shaping our proposal to ensure that nursing and allied health professional members are represented and we have a review mechanism in place to look at whether the changes have assisted in achieving the groups objectives.

You said......

  • Members who responded had no concerns about the re-structuring and some stated it seemed to be a good idea
  • 84% of members who responded supported the proposed move to link regional representation to Deaneries/Schools of Paediatrics although some expressed concerns that this might work well in some deaneries but not in others.
  • There were no suggestions on how the role descriptions of the executive committee (convenor, treasurer and secretary) could be improved.
  • There were no concerns expressed about the length of "term of office" for the various roles however it was felt that this should be kept under review
  • The arrangement whereby school or deanery reps would feed into the steering committee via the training and education lead was felt to be a workable arrangement by all who responded however there were some questions as to how this would imapct on members who were not medical
  • A good number of you said you would be happy be nominated for a role on the steering committee or as a regional representative.

We did......

  • put in place a review point to ensure that the executive and steering committee examines the impact of the new arrangements at 6 months, one year and two years and report back to the members via the annual report, newsletter and website
  • ensure that there is adequate representation from nursing and allied health professionals within the YPHSIG structure to represent our changing membership profile and reflect the multi-disciplinary nature of young people's health providers and researchers

Proposed re-structuring

YPHSIG Proposed Organisational Structure 2012.pptx

If you are unable to view the presentation in your browser you can download a .pdf version of the YPHSIG Proposed Organisational Structure 2012 presentation.